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Newsletter Togo

Lo staff di Projects Abroad in Togo prepara regolarmente una newsletter da inviare a tutti i volontari che si trovano in Togo, quelli che si sono iscritti per partecipare ad un progetto in Togo e gli ex-volontari. La newsletter contiene informazioni sul Paese e i progetti, testimonianze dei volontari, consigli e molto di più. Se stai valutando di partecipare ad un progetto di volontariato internazionale, attraverso le newsletter puoi farti un’idea di cosa ti aspetta!

Togo Newsletter - Togo

1,95MB Togo Newsletter - Dicembre 2014
Je vous dis d’ores et déjà que la meilleure destination pour vous cette année 2015 à travers Projects Abroad est le TOGO ! A l’aube du Nouvel An 2015, acceptez de tout coeur nos voeux les plus chaleureux pour une année exceptionnelle.

Togo Newsletter - Anna Olesen

2,81MB Togo Newsletter - Novembre 2014
These two bright Danish volunteers, Tatiana Hansen and Anna Olesen, were chosen as outstanding volunteers for their acts of kindness towards the children of Orphanage COR in Togo. These young ladies personalised the orphanage's playground with a slide, swing-chair, two play horses and a balance-swing, with money they raised.

Togo Newsletter - Chiara Locoratolo

2,65MB Togo Newsletter - Ottobre 2014
Quando ho deciso di partire per l'Africa, in particolare per il Togo, non sapevo bene a cosa andavo incontro, che cosa avrei visto, fatto o sentito. Alla televisione siamo abituati a vedere molte immagini di questo straordinario continente, ma solo se si monta sull' aereo per Lomé e si intraprende questa avventura, si puo' meramente capire quanto ti puo' dare senza chiedere niente in cambio.

Togo Newsletter - Voluntering in Agriculture

2,66MB Togo Newsletter - Settembre 2014
The Community Farming Projects is ideal for those interested in gaining an insight into agriculture and farming in a tropical environment by working on a small organic farm. No previous experience is requred,so you may join this project on a gap year, during a career break or holiday period.

Togo Newsletter - Louisa Clark

2,25MB Togo Newsletter - Agosto 2014
"I started work every day at around 8am and went to the newsroom where the articles or the day were discussed and I was told who I would be going on a 'reportage' with that day. At the reportage I would shadow the journalist and take notes."

Togo Newsletter - Valentin Lithare

2,19MB Togo Newsletter - Luglio 2014
Si je dois en tirer une conclusion, je dirais que ce voyage est tout simplement une expérience inoubliable et pleine d'émotions qui m'a touché au plus profond de moi-même.

Togo Newsletter - Rodrigue

1,72MB Togo Newsletter - Giugno 2014
Les Togolais se lient facilement d’amitié avec les visiteurs et les laissent participer à leur vie quotidienne. Le visiteur sait qu’il est toujours le bienvenu et peut se sentir à l’aise.

Togo Newsletter - Togo une terre d’accueil

2,22MB Togo Newsletter - Maggio 2014
Il existe au Togo environ 50 dialectes, mais le français est la langue officielle. Beaucoup de personnes parlent l’anglais et l’allemand. L’Ewé et le Kabyè sont cependant les deux principales langues nationales.

Togo Newsletter - Fanie Cardinal

4,29MB Togo Newsletter - Aprile 2014
J’ai décidé de venir apporter mon aide auprès des enfants en Afrique, puisque c’est un projet qui me tiens à coeur depuis un bon moment déjà alors me voici ici, au Togo, dans ce pays où des moments magiques, il y en a tous les jours.

Togo Newsletter - Philippa Goddard

2,77MB Togo Newsletter - Marzo 2014
Having started my time in Togo as a volunteer myself, I appreciate well that working and living in this tiny slice of West Africa offers a plethora of unexpected challenges, cultural obscurities and daily misunderstandings.

Togo Newsletter - Franck Palaisy

3,53MB Togo Newsletter - Febbraio 2014
Et voilà… un mois s’est écoulé depuis mon départ de France. Il y a un mois, j’avais encore des doutes sur la destination, sur le Togo. En arrivant à Lomé, c’est avec surprise que je découvre la ville, les populations : on est très loin de la vie parisienne !

Togo Newsletter - Clemence Duchamp

4,03MB Togo Newsletter - Gennaio 2014
Bonjour, je m'appelle Clémence Duchamp. J'ai 19 ans et je suis française. Je suis partie au Togo du 5 mai au 3 juillet 2013 avec Projects Abroad. J'ai effectué une mission en tant que bénévole à la crèche SIKAVI et à l'orphelinat CADOR.

Togo Newsletter - Media

4,68MB Togo Newsletter - Dicembre 2013
We encourage everyone to join us in making it interesting and exciting by sending in your own written articles and pictures of your experiences here with us. Your stories and pictures will help others to understand and learn about Togo. If you have anything you’d like to contribute, suggest or comment on, please contact

Togo Newsletter - Rodrigue

4,50MB Togo Newsletter - Novembre 2013
Children living in some orphanages eat their lunch and dinner; sadly it is often a unique meal which has to feed a large family. Their food often lacks sufficient nutriments. When our volunteers arrive in those orphanages, they try their best to provide good food in order to help the orphans to eat well.

Togo Newsletter - Education

4,14MB Togo Newsletter - Ottobre 2013
Tout enfant a droit à l’Education. C’est ce qui a motivé Projects Abroad Togo à travers ses volontaires à faire le tour du Togo en distribuant des kits scolaires aux enfants déshérités.

Togo Newsletter - Ella Feldmann

3,92MB Togo Newsletter - Settembre 2013
On June 21st I stepped down from the airplane into West Africa's oppressive heat with no idea about what was in store for me for the next two months. As I staggered out of the airport under the weight of my backpack I realized for the first time that I was on the other side of the world, surrounded by a different culture. From that point on my time in Togo is a blur of wild experiences.

Togo Newsletter - Catherine Gehlsen

2,79MB Togo Newsletter - Agosto 2013
Togo. I must say: what an experience. I first arrived in Togo at the beginning of June for my medical placement with Projects Abroad. It was nighttime, and I had no idea where I was direction wise. It was very hard to see the buildings surrounding the city and it was difficult to see the landscape as well.

Togo Newsletter - My experience at CMS KOLANI

2,83MB Togo Newsletter - Luglio 2013
Last week, Rodrigue, the wonderful, enthusiastic, always ready with a smile, Rodrigue, asked me to write an article about my time here in Togo. I’ve been putting it off because writing this article means that my time here is almost finished, and it is with bittersweet sorrow that I leave this amazing place.

Togo Newsletter - Kiana Frick

1,96MB Togo Newsletter - Giugno 2013
Last year, if you asked me “Where’s Togo?”, I would think maybe you just had a weird accent and were at McDonald’s looking for where to pick up your food. Over the last month here (West Africa... between Benin and Ghana, by the way) I have discovered a small, beautiful country filled with beautiful people.

Togo Newsletter - Charlotte Cohn

1,30MB Togo Newsletter - Maggio 2013
Already on the airplane, before I had even landed in Togo, I was greeted by several friendly Togolese people who were curious about my stay in Togo. At the time I didn’t know that this was only the beginning of all the kindness and big smiles the Togolese people would show me.

Togo Newsletter - Serra Crawford

1,70MB Togo Newsletter - Aprile 2013
My name is Serra and I am in Togo for four months working on a variety of different medical projects. I received my university degree last year in Global Health, but I do not have any medical training. In the future, I plan to attend medical school to become a surgeon with the hopes of working in low-resource areas.

Togo Newsletter - Rosie Rand

933KB Togo Newsletter - Marzo 2013
Coming to Africa for the first time and intending to work in the medical field was both daunting and exciting. I had absolutely no idea what to expect...

Togo Newsletter - My Togolese life

1,21MB Togo Newsletter - Febbraio 2013
It is exciting to see the first reaction, when a child notices you. One reaction, which I luckily often meet, is that they run to you and give you a huge hug. This is very surprising the first time it happens, but it still feels amazing to get such a welcome. Immediately you know that it is going to be great to get to work every day.

Togo Newsletter - Saint Sylvestre

441KB Togo Newsletter - Gennaio 2013
Pour beaucoup, la fin d’année, c’est Noël ou la Saint Sylvestre mais à y réfléchir et en s’intéressant au reste du monde, nous observons que les hommes selon leurs croyances religieuses, leur culture, ou encore selon le calendrier utilisé, disposent de différentes dates et célébrations marquant la fin de l’année. Noël est la fête religieuse chrétienne commémorant la naissance du Christ, fils de Dieu qui est fêtée le 25 décembre au Togo et presque partout dans le monde. C’est l’occasion de retrouvailles. Cette date varie selon les religions chrétiennes.