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Tutela della Catena Montuosa dell'Himalaya in Nepal

Sintesi Aggiornamenti mensili Management Plan, Data & Reports

Management Plan

Management Plan
Nepal Conservation Management plan

The Conservation Management Plan gives more detailed information about the aims and research techniques used in the project.

Data and Reports

Amphibians Species List

Recorded Wildlife in Ghandruk Area

Mammals Species List

Recorded Wildlife in Ghandruk Area

Chhomrong Field Trip

The aim of this field trip was to assess the viability of the area around the village of Chhomrong as the potential release site for a common leopard.

Pied Thrush Report on Habitat and Sighting Areas

A Pied thrush (Zoothera wardii) habitat survey was carried out in Ghandruk sector of Annapurna Conservation Area. The survey was conducted between the 20th of May 2014 and the 23th of June 2014 within the Ghandruk Unit Conservation Office (Ghandruk UCO) in the Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal. The data collected creates a base for future studies and more detailed research on the Pied Thrush.

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