Nursing in Togo

Nursing Internships in Togo

Gain knowledge by observing local nurses and other medical staff at work

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  • Shadow professional nurses and get valuable insight into a developing country’s medical practices.
  • Placements available in Hospitals, clinics and HIV/AIDS centres.
  • Get practical work experience doing basic health checks and giving talks to raise awareness around key health issues.

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Interns on all medical related projects in Togo need a good level of French.

Is a Nursing internship in Togo right for me?

Our Nursing internships in Togo are designed to help you learn about nursing and improve your skills.  We have different options available, depending on your level of experience.

Pre-university students

Interns with no experience in nursing are welcome to join us.  You will work with doctors and nurses in small private clinics.  Here you can observe and learn from consultations and minor surgeries. There is also the option to work at HIV/AIDS centres, which give free treatment and consultations to patients. Here you can help to raise awareness and teach about safety, acceptance and tolerance.

University Students

Interns who have some experience and are already studying nursing, work at one of two public hospitals. There is the opportunity to work in a variety of departments such as paediatrics or obstetrics.

In all cases you’ll work alongside a qualified supervisor.  They will be on hand to offer support and guidance during your placement.

As a nursing intern, you will see a wide variety of treatments and also provide much-needed support to patients. The hospitals and clinics where we work provide an excellent backdrop for learning and improving your nursing and healthcare skills.

Interns on all medical related projects in Togo need a good level of French. Most of the staff and patients do not speak English and it is vital that you can understand and communicate in French while you are working in the hospital.

A nursing student examines a patient in Togo

Shadowing professional nurses in a hospital or clinic

You’ll work in either a hospital, clinic, or HIV/AIDS centre.  Here you’ll be assigned a qualified supervisor who you’ll shadow each day.  The goal is for you to get practical experience in a real clinical environment.  The placements are well-equipped by local standards, and will give you a full experience of medical practice in a developing country.

These hospitals and clinics are a great environment for learning new skills and being exposed to different types of treatment.  For example, many of the cases you’ll deal with will involve tropical diseases that you won’t find in a European hospital.  You will find yourself coming into contact with conditions such as malaria and typhoid, on an almost daily basis.

During your time as a nurse in Togo, you’ll also be able to spend some time in different hospital departments. This will give you insight into various specialisations and could help you choose your own later in your studies.

Joining medical outreaches in underprivileged communities

Interns joining our nursing projects in Togo will also get to take part in our regular medical outreach visits.  These involve travelling to local communities where the need is greatest.  Many people in these more rural villages cannot afford regular access to healthcare.

For example, you could travel to a rural village and help with basic checkups.  You may also get to help with outreach projects such as providing malaria medication for children in local schools and youth centres.

This is important work, that gives you the chance to help others while learning and using basic medical skills.

Taking part in health education campaigns

You’ll also be able to take part in regular educational awareness talks in local schools, children’s centres or community centres.  These will cover topics like hygiene, dental care and HIV/AIDS.

Education is a huge part of empowering local communities and an important prevention method. Our goal is to improve standards of health in the community. We do this by creating awareness around various diseases and share knowledge about prevention and treatment. You will help with setting up and running these campaigns.

During your Nursing internship in Togo, you will be able to work in a number of different departments. These include:

  • Paediatrics
  • Obstetrics

There is also the option to work at HIV/AIDS centres, which give free treatment and consultations to patients.

Where will I work in Togo?


Our Nursing Internships in Togo are based in the capital city of Lomé.  Here you can choose from placements in hospitals, clinics, and HIV/AIDS centres.

Lomé is a bustling city where you’ll never be bored.  You’ll work alongside other Projects Abroad interns and volunteers, meeting new people and experiencing this incredible country.

Airport pickup, flights and visas togo

When you arrive at your respective airport, a member of Projects Abroad staff will be there to meet you. You can find more detailed information on arrival airports, orientation, and visas on our Togo arrival procedures page.

A typical day as a nursing intern in Togo

Your weekdays will start early - up at the crack of dawn for breakfast in your host family. This is because hospitals and clinics in Togo are busiest in the mornings, so you’ll be on an early shift.

After you’ve had a filling breakfast alongside your fellow housemates, you’ll head to work. Here you’ll spend mornings with your assigned supervisor, working alongside them as they help care for patients.

Every day in a busy healthcare environment will be different. If you join the project for longer than 2 weeks, you’ll also be able to switch to a different department during your stay. This will give you the chance to experience different medical conditions and treatments.

After morning rounds, you’ll assist nurses with patient care. You can watch them administer medication and treatment, and help to update patient files.

Once a week, normally on Wednesdays, you’ll join one of our community outreaches to assist with doing health checks and educational campaigns.

During the hours you aren’t working, you’ll have free time to explore Togo’s unique culture alongside your fellow interns and volunteers.

You’ll finish each day with dinner at your host family.  Your weekends are free, so you’ll be able to explore Lomé and the surrounding area with your fellow volunteers and interns.

What are the aims and impact of this project?

The main aim of this project is to help expand your medical knowledge and healthcare experience with guidance from experienced local doctors and nurses.

It also gives you insight into the healthcare system of a developing country. Many Togolese government hospitals receive limited funding, which means they often lack the resources that are standard in most western hospitals.

Togo also suffers from ongoing cases of malaria and other tropical diseases.

Through school and community outreaches, we help educate local people about malaria prevention and the importance of early treatment. Our interns also help conduct screenings and tests to prevent further complications. We also offer basic healthcare services, as people are not always able to afford treatment for infected wounds, ringworm, or malaria.

Here are our five main goals for our nursing programme in Togo:

  • Promote the exchange of medical knowledge
  • Improve access to basic healthcare
  • Promote awareness of non-communicable diseases, like diabetes
  • Improve the quality of healthcare
  • Reduce the number of malaria cases

Gain work experience in healthcare on an international nursing internship in Togo, while helping us achieve these long-term goals.

Piani di gestione

Nei Management Plans definiamo gli obiettivi dei nostri progetti. Questo è uno strumento importante per pianificare correttamente il lavoro dei nostri volontari. Inoltre, ci aiutano a misurare e valutare l'impatto e i risultati raggiunti ogni anno.

Grazie ai Management Plans possiamo migliorare i nostri progetti ogni giorno. Questo significa che, come volontario, entrerai a far parte di un programma che ha un un impatto reale dove è più necessario. Scopri di più sui nostri Management Plan.

Misurare il nostro impatto

Ogni anno, definiamo degli obiettivi specifici per ogni progetto e ci impegnamo per avere un impatto sostenibile e a lungo termine in ogni Paese. Ogni volontario e stagista contribuisce al raggiungimento di questi obiettivi, indipendentemente dalla durata del loro progetto.

Per documentare i progressi e i risultati raggiunti, elaboriamo un report annuale chiamato Global Impact Report. Scopri di più sui risultati raggiunti dai volontari, stagisti e dallo Staff di Projects Abroad. Leggi l'ultimo report.

Food and accommodation

You’ll stay with a local host family in Lomé, Togo’s capital city.  Togolese families are famous for their generous hospitality, and pride in their home country.  You’ll be able to get to know your new host family, learning about their history and culture, as well as sharing your own.

Your host family will provide you with breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.  Togo is famous for its delicious cuisine, so you’ll be able to sample lots of traditional dishes, as well as a few Western meals too!  If you’re interested in food and cooking, you might even be able to help cook some dishes, learning some tips and tricks from your host family.

We will always try to let you live alongside at least one other Projects Abroad volunteer or intern at the same host family. Your room will be modest, but comfortable, clean, and safe.

Find out more about our accommodation.

Leisure activities and free time

You’ll work Monday to Friday and have your evenings and weekends free. You’ll be living with other volunteers and interns, so there will be plenty of people to socialise with in your free time!

There’s so much to do in Togo, from a shopping trip to one of Lomé’s traditional markets, to sunbathing on beautiful sandy beaches.

If you’re a keen foodie, you’re sure to enjoy sampling some of West Africa’s best cuisine.  There are plenty of restaurants to try, but also a huge array of exciting street food vendors too.

If you’d like to travel even further afield, you could also arrange a trip to nearby Ghana or Benin.  Many of our volunteers and interns plan some extra travel time at the end of their project, so that they can take longer to explore nearby countries.

Sicurezza e supporto del nostro staff

La tua sicurezza è la nostra priorità. Adottiamo diverse procedure per darti il supporto di cui hai bisogno e per farti vivere il tuo viaggio all'estero senza pensieri. Lo Staff di Projects Abroad sarà sempre disponibile, 24 ore su 24, e ti aiuterà ad ambientarti a casa e all'interno del progetto. In caso di necessità, potrai contattarlo in qualsiasi momento.

Scopri di più sul Supporto e Sicurezza.

Al momento dell'iscrizione paghi solo un acconto di €295, che verrà dedotto dal prezzo finale.

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