As part of her Conservation work in Ecuador for older adults, a Projects Abroad volunteer helps planting indigenous plants.

Conservation and Community Work in Ecuador for Volunteers over 50

Travel to the Galapagos Islands with a group your age and do hands-on conservation and community work

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Travel to the Galapagos Islands, do conservation volunteer work and help local communities with a group your age. You’ll work at the Galapagos National Park and do light renovation work at schools and care centres in the local community. This is a unique opportunity, as we are the only volunteer organisation with an official partnership that allows us to work in the park.

Your two-week trip is divided into two parts. During week one, you’ll work with conservationists at the park, and help protect endangered animals and plants. The other week will be spent fixing up classrooms and playgrounds in the local community. This might include painting murals, planting a vegetable garden, or patching up playground equipment.

You’ll be based on the island of San Cristóbal, and stay with a local host family. Everything is organised for you, and our staff are on hand to guide and advise you throughout the trip. You’ll work with a group and go on an exciting weekend trip together.

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Is doing Conservation Work in Ecuador for older adults right for me?

Have you always dreamed of visiting the fascinating Galapagos islands? Are you passionate about conservation and sustainability? Are you over 50? Then our Conservation & Community Work Grown-up Special is perfect for you!

You don’t need any prior experience in either conservation or community work. All you need is enthusiasm, a willingness to work hard, and an adventurous spirit.

This project was designed for volunteers over the age of 50. We have a set itinerary in place and our staff are there every step of the way for guidance and support. At the same time, there will also be enough leisure time to do some exploration on your own, or with the rest of the group.

Use your time as a volunteer in Ecuador to immerse yourself in nature and support the community. It’s sure to leave you feeling connected and rejuvenated!

As part of his Conservation work in Ecuador for older adults, a Projects Abroad volunteer helps planting indigenous plants.

What will I do on this project?

Conservation work in Ecuador for seniors is divided into two parts. You will spend one week supporting our conservation initiatives in the Galapagos National Park. Another week will be spent doing basic renovation work in the local community. You’ll help with these activities:

  • Work with conservationists at the Galapagos National Park
  • Run educational workshops in the local community to raise awareness about conservation
  • Help with basic renovation work in the local community
  • Explore the island and expand your horizons

Your work will focus mainly on the following:

Work in Galapagos National Park

The Galapagos Islands are one of the most species-rich regions on earth. Due to their isolation, they are home to many unique species of flora and fauna. You will work closely with the Galapagos National Park during your conservation work, assisting on various important ongoing research projects.

The park is understaffed because of a lack of funding. Because of this, it’s difficult for staff to do a lot of the research needed by themselves. As an extra pair of helping hands, you’ll help them with collecting data during surveys. This is important work, as the results are used to advise the Ministry of Environment for policy-making.

You might get involved in removal of alien plant species, reforestation of areas with indigenous plants, and monitoring animal populations.

Run educational workshops for the local community

Another important aspect of your volunteer work is to raise awareness about the importance of conservation in the local community. You can do this through running educational workshops about the projects you’re helping out with in the national park. Alternatively, you can arrange something a little more interactive, such as a beach clean-up.

Help with basic renovation in the local community

Your main role during the community part of your placement in Ecuador will be to take part in basic renovation activities. These activities include renovating and painting classrooms, painting murals, and playground maintenance.

Explore the island and expand your horizons

You will have plenty of free time to spend with the other volunteers. To ensure you make the most of your stay, a few exciting activities have been planned for you. This includes a trip to one or two of the neighbouring islands and a tour of the various sites in the Galapagos.

Living on the island also provides a great opportunity to speak Spanish, if you're interested in improving or picking up some language skills.

Where will I be working?

San Cristobal

You’ll be based on the main island of San Cristóbal. It forms part of the Galapagos archipelago located about 1,000km from mainland Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean.

For the conservation part of the project, you will be based in Galapagos National Park. For the part of the project where you’ll be doing community work, your base will be the town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.  

The Galapagos Islands are hugely popular for anyone with an interest in biology, science, and wildlife. These volcanic islands are home to a vast number of species that occur nowhere else in the world. A few examples include the Giant tortoise, marine iguanas, Galapagos fur seals, and Galapagos penguins.

Pick up all'aeroporto, voli e visti

Al tuo arrivo in aeroporto, un membro dello Staff di Projects Abroad sarà lì ad aspettarti. Per maggiori informazioni su arrivo, orientamento e visti visita la pagina Procedure di Arrivo per l'Ecuador.

What are the aims and impact of this project?

The aim of this project is for adults over 50 to support important conservation efforts and help with basic renovation work in a disadvantaged community.

Due to insufficient funding from the government, the Galapagos National Park is understaffed. This makes it difficult for staff and conservationists to do everything that’s needed. It also means that research projects get delayed. You’ll play an important role in the removal of alien species, monitoring animal populations, and assisting with beach clean-ups. By doing this, you will be helping us promote conservation and sustainability of the Galapagos.

Due to the fact that many of the local communities are disadvantaged, there aren’t always sufficient funds to keep communal areas in tip-top shape. You will be able to help fix up school classrooms, paint murals, and do playground maintenance.

Lastly, this project is also all about giving you the opportunity to travel and do something different with the support of a group of people your age. You’ll also have daily guidance from Projects Abroad staff.

Join us on a Grown-up Special in Ecuador and become part of something positive as you help people and the environment.

As part of conservation work in Ecuador for older adults, a Projects Abroad volunteer tends to indigenous seedlings.

Piani di gestione

Nei Management Plans definiamo gli obiettivi dei nostri progetti. Questo è uno strumento importante per pianificare correttamente il lavoro dei nostri volontari. Inoltre, ci aiutano a misurare e valutare l'impatto e i risultati raggiunti ogni anno.

Grazie ai Management Plans possiamo migliorare i nostri progetti ogni giorno. Questo significa che, come volontario, entrerai a far parte di un programma che ha un un impatto reale dove è più necessario. Scopri di più sui nostri Management Plan.

Misurare il nostro impatto

Ogni anno, definiamo degli obiettivi specifici per ogni progetto e ci impegnamo per avere un impatto sostenibile e a lungo termine in ogni Paese. Ogni volontario e stagista contribuisce al raggiungimento di questi obiettivi, indipendentemente dalla durata del loro progetto.

Per documentare i progressi e i risultati raggiunti, elaboriamo un report annuale chiamato Global Impact Report. Scopri di più sui risultati raggiunti dai volontari, stagisti e dallo Staff di Projects Abroad. Leggi l'ultimo report.

Vitto e alloggio

Condividerai l'alloggio con gli altri volontari e stagisti di Projects Abroad a San Cristobal. Questa è una bella opportunità per conoscere meglio volontari e stagisti da tutto il mondo, condividere esperienze ed esplorare i dintorni insieme durante il tempo libero.

Puoi anche richiedere di vivere con una famiglia locale a San Cristobal. L'alloggio sarà sicuro, pulito e confortevole.

La quota del programma include tre pasti al giorno.

Scopri di più sugli alloggi.

Sicurezza e supporto del nostro staff

La tua sicurezza è la nostra priorità. Adottiamo diverse procedure per darti il supporto di cui hai bisogno e per farti vivere il tuo viaggio all'estero senza pensieri. Lo Staff di Projects Abroad sarà sempre disponibile, 24 ore su 24, e ti aiuterà ad ambientarti a casa e all'interno del progetto. In caso di necessità, potrai contattarlo in qualsiasi momento.

Scopri di più sul Supporto e Sicurezza.

Al momento dell'iscrizione paghi solo un acconto di €295, che verrà dedotto dal prezzo finale.

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