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Journalism Internship in Romania

Gain practical work experience in print and online media and learn directly from local journalists

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Join our Journalism internship in Romania and gain experience in magazine and online journalism. The articles you work on will focus mainly on Romanian culture and traditions, which means you’ll learn a lot about the country itself. This is a great way to add practical work experience to your CV, and grow your portfolio.  

You’ll work under the guidance of experienced and passionate journalists. Make the most of your time with them, ask questions and take notes. They’ll show you what the day-to-day life of a working journalist looks like. You’ll also get the opportunity to teach through the journalism club we run at a local school.   

You will be based in the ancient city of Brasov, and live with a local host family. Use your time with them to explore a different culture, eat traditional food, and experience local customs.

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Is a Journalism internship in Romania right for me?

Are you passionate about telling stories? Do you want to follow a career in journalism? Then our Journalism Internship in Romania is perfect for you!

You will be working at a magazine that focuses on the ancient Romanian traditions still going strong today, despite globalisation. It will give you the opportunity to interview a wide variety of people and build an interesting portfolio. This is a chance to build your CV, hone your skills, and learn more about how the media works in an Eastern European country. This internship will also provide you with plenty of experience to talk about in interviews or applications.

You don’t need any previous experience to join, as you’ll work under the guidance of experienced journalists. Projects Abroad staff are also there to help if you need it. Worried about your Romanian writing skills? Good news! You will only need to have an intermediate level of English, and be comfortable with reading and writing. 

Our Journalism Project runs all year round and you can join at any time. You need to spend at least two weeks on the project. We recommend staying longer to learn more and gain more journalism work experience while in Romania.

An intern holds up a magazine at a journalism placement in Romania

What will I do on this project?

You will work at a biannual cultural magazine in Brasov. As a journalism intern, you will work on tasks that include:

  • Head up the English section of the magazine with your fellow interns
  • Visit Romanian villages and interview locals for stories
  • Contribute online articles to Voices of the World
  • Run a journalism club with your fellow volunteers at a local primary school

At your Journalism placement in Romania, your work will focus mainly on the following:

Head up the English section of a local magazine

During your journalism internship in Romania, your main focus will be producing the English section of a magazine called Satul (The Village).

You will work closely with your fellow interns and local journalists to create content that is inline with the publication’s communication strategy. You will go out on interviews, write articles, and edit articles.

Visit Romanian villages to gather stories

As a Journalism intern, you will have the opportunity to visit one or more Romanian villages during your placement. This will help you get to know rural Romania and report on it.

The couple who started the magazine have travelled across the country. During their various journeys, they were touched by the richness of ancient Romanian traditions that still manage to survive, despite increasing globalization

You will interview mayors, teachers, craftsmen, priests, and farmers. You will research their way of life and struggles dealing with the modern world and determine how these ancient traditions have survived in urban life.

Contribute online articles to ‘Voices of the World’

You’ll also contribute to Voices of the World, an online publication for aspiring young journalists. This is a platform where you can express your views, engage in dialogue, and learn about others through topics that greatly affect us all.

If you are 25 years old or younger, you can also participate in weekly workshops and undertake assignments for Voices of the World.

Older interns can work as trainers and coordinators for the local young people involved, or the interns who are also participants. You can hold workshops, proofread, or edit articles and discuss ideas for articles.

Run a journalism club with your fellow interns

In order for you to use your skills to the benefit of the local community, we have started a weekly journalism club at a local primary school.

Under the supervision of our Journalism Coordinator, you will work with small groups of children once a week. You will help them create a small monthly newspaper.

The children are selected based on their English level and writing skills, photography, drawing, or computer skills. They then take on all the roles that are involved in the creation of a publication. Under your guidance, they become reporters, editors, proofreaders, photographers, and designers.

Who are our partners for Journalism in Romania?


One main placement is the print magazine Satul (The Village).

The magazine has been created and is edited by Adrian and Ana Andrei, a young couple with great vision. During their travels through the Romanian rural areas, Adrian and Ana were touched by the richness of ancient Romanian traditions that still manage to survive, having adapted to the increasing globalization. They decided to create ‘Satul’ in order to help keep alive the immemorial spirit of the rural identity with its many different manifestations in modern Romanian life.

Voices of the World

You will also be working with Voices of the World. This is a unique global journalism initiative from Projects Abroad that allows young people from developing countries to learn about journalism. It’s also a great opportunity to publish their work online and experience cultural exchange.

The project is currently working in Romania and Ghana, but we are planning to expand it to many other countries.

Where interns work


You will be based in the ancient city of Brasov. With its terracotta-coloured roofs, gothic spires, medieval gateways, baroque buildings, and pedestrian-friendly streets, it’s almost like a fairy tale come to life. Although it may seem quaint and almost old-fashioned at first sight, the city is bursting with modern hustle and bustle.

As a Journalism Intern in Romania, you will write for a magazine called Satul. You’ll be responsible for producing the magazine’s English section.

You will work in the Projects Abroad Brasov office.

Pick up all'aeroporto, voli e visti

Al tuo arrivo in aeroporto, un membro dello Staff di Projects Abroad sarà lì ad aspettarti. Per maggiori informazioni su arrivo, orientamento e visti visita la pagina Procedure di Arrivo per la Romania.

A typical day as a Journalism Intern in Romania

Your day will normally start with a hearty breakfast enjoyed around the table of your Romanian host family. After this you will either walk, cycle, or take public transport to the Projects Abroad Offices, where you will be working.On your first day, our staff will show you how to get there.

Your working day will normally run from about 9am to 4pm. First thing in the morning, you will sit down with project coordinators and fellow interns for an editorial meeting. During this time, you can propose article ideas and share what you’re busy with. These meetings are an important time to make sure everyone’s on the same page and nobody’s work is overlapping or clashing.

From mid-morning, you might set out on excursions to local villages to interview people and gather stories. Some days, however, you might stay in-office. This is a great time to work on the pieces you’ve been researching.

Between 12pm and 1:30pm, you will get an hour and a half’s lunch break. If your host family lives close by, you’re welcome to go home for a bite to eat and some rest. Alternatively, you can enjoy a packed lunch at the office or out in the field.

In the afternoons, you may still be out researching your articles. However, you can also use this time to write some pieces for Voices of the World.

Evenings and weekends are your free time to explore. Make the most of your time in this magnificent country by going on weekend excursions with fellow volunteers. Also, enjoy plenty of meals with your local host family and spend time conversing with them. It’s the very best way to learn more about their life and culture.

interns at work at our journalism placement in Romania

What are the aims and impact of this project?

The aim of this project is to give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge about journalism and gain some practical work experience.

You will work at Satul, a biannual magazine in Brasov. The magazine focuses on ancient Romanian traditions that manage to survive despite Romania’s increasing globalisation. The articles you do for Satul will also teach you a great deal about the culture of the country during your internship.

The magazine is distributed nationally twice a year through a network of well-known book stores, museums, tourist attractions, town halls, traditional restaurants, and rural guesthouses. It is also available at festivals, exhibitions, and to subscribers. Distributed internationally to several different embassies and with the Romanian Royal House on its subscription list, it’s safe to say that Satul has some serious cultural clout!

Join our Journalism Internship in Romania today and gain invaluable journalism experience.

The magazine interns get to work for when gaining journalism work experience in Romania

Misurare il nostro impatto

Ogni anno, definiamo degli obiettivi specifici per ogni progetto e ci impegnamo per avere un impatto sostenibile e a lungo termine in ogni Paese. Ogni volontario e stagista contribuisce al raggiungimento di questi obiettivi, indipendentemente dalla durata del loro progetto.

Per documentare i progressi e i risultati raggiunti, elaboriamo un report annuale chiamato Global Impact Report. Scopri di più sui risultati raggiunti dai volontari, stagisti e dallo Staff di Projects Abroad. Leggi l'ultimo report.

Vitto e alloggio

Vivrai con una famiglia locale a Brasov. Ti accoglieranno a casa loro e saranno felici di condividere con te la loro cultura e di scoprire la tua. Crediamo che questo sia il modo migliore per immergerti nella cultura rumena e vivere un'esperienza veramente unica.

Cerchiamo sempre di accomodare due o più volontari o stagisti nella stessa famiglia. La tua stanza sarà modesta, ma confortevole, pulita e sicura.

La quota del programma include tre pasti al giorno.

Scopri di più sugli alloggi.

Attività nel tempo libero

Fare volontariato in Romania ti farà scoprire il gusto unico della vita nell'Est Europa. Con una vasta gamma di attività, troverai tantissime cose da fare durante il tuo tempo libero.

Questa è la destinazione ideale per gli amanti dell'architettura, con splendidi edifici antichi che costeggiano le strade. Il Biserica Neagră è un esempio di impressionante architettura gotica, con i suoi muri in pietra anneriti a causa di un incendio che imperversò nella zona nel 17 ° secolo.

Non sono solo gli edifici che vale la pena visitare, ma anche le strade. In particolare, potrai girovagare tra le strade più strette in Europa! Nel fine settimana potrai andare in Transilvania per addentrarti nel Castello di Bran - la casa del leggendario Conte Dracula - visitare il Museo ASTRA e scoprire il magico mondo del folklore rumeno.

Avrai la possibilità di conoscere volontari e stagisti da tutto il mondo ed esplorare il Paese insieme a loro o autonomamente, se preferisci.

Sicurezza e supporto del nostro staff

La tua sicurezza è la nostra priorità. Adottiamo diverse procedure per darti il supporto di cui hai bisogno e per farti vivere il tuo viaggio all'estero senza pensieri. Lo Staff di Projects Abroad sarà sempre disponibile, 24 ore su 24, e ti aiuterà ad ambientarti a casa e all'interno del progetto. In caso di necessità, potrai contattarlo in qualsiasi momento.

Scopri di più sul Supporto e Sicurezza.

Al momento dell'iscrizione paghi solo un acconto di €295, che verrà dedotto dal prezzo finale.

Vorresti partecipare a più di un progetto? Chiamaci al +39 0810067162 per vedere se sono disponibili eventuali sconti.

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