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Monthly report - December 2013

December is upon us and therefore, most of our social justice activities have had to end. The reason for this is that during December most Social Justice Programs themselves close, due to school holidays or the lack of participants at the programs. Many of our partner organisations also closed earlier in the month.

Monthly report - November 2013

The first workshop we did was on Personal Development. We played an advert by Dove, where women had difficulties saying what they like about themselves, however found it much easier to say what they like about other women.

Monthly report - October 2013

At Bonnytoun we started the month with an HIV/AIDS workshop outside. The following week the boys did an exercise where they wrote down their past on a piece of paper and then tore it to pieces. Then they wrote down things they wanted in the future on a new piece of paper and read it out loud to the group.

Monthly report - September 2013

We started with a series of ice breakers to acquaint the interns and the boys. In many prisons it is common to fight your way up to a higher rank. We showed the boys a documentary about a guy in prison who used his energy and strength in gym. The result was that he was really muscled and that a lot of people looked up to him.

Monthly report - July 2013

We started with a series of ice breakers to acquaint both the interns and the boys. This created a level of trust and broke the barrier. Then we moved onto a video about Nelson Mandela’s life and struggle during the apartheid. Renee found the documentary and Shuan stressed the importance Mandela and how he fought for their freedom. He prompted them to answer what he meant to them. They seemed engaged by the video.

Monthly report - June 2013

We did a powerpoint presentation on alcohol abuse and its consequences. The females asked many questions and the interns used their personal experiences to answer them. The interns were honest and candid and the dialgoue went nicely. It is clear the bond has been formed and they trust the interns to ask questions. Each female was then asked to tell us a story regarding alcohol and their use thereof.

Monthly report - May 2013

We played charades; we wanted the boys to see that body language is just as important as verbal communication. The boys tried their best to act out words and phrases and found it quite interesting and difficult to get their point across without verbally communicating. Through playing charades the boys also learned that a lot of conflict is started and can be stopped by using the right/positive body language.

Monthly report - April 2013

We decided to have a fun day at Bonnytoun with activities such as playing football, dancing and a relay competition. The boys really enjoyed being outdoors, socialising with the interns. The interns and the boys had fun participating in the activities.

Monthly report - March 2013

We taught the girls how to make Origami frogs; the girls really loved it as they learnt how to make simple works of art using paper and their imagination. The girls really loved being creative and were surprise when they learned they could make the frog jump. The girls requested to do more creative expression workshops in the future.

Monthly report - February 2013

The Social Justice Department now has Debriefing meetings every morning for all volunteers that are participating in projects and volunteers participating in these projects are now expected to give a report on what they have been doing and the progress of each project.

Monthly report - January 2013

January has continued to be quiet in terms of projects as many of them has shut down and opened late in January. We however have still received numerous New and Old clients coming into the office for assistance.

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