A group of volunteers abroad spend an afternoon learning about Masaai culture in Tanzania, Africa.


Articoli sul volontariato all’estero, viaggi e novità su Projects Abroad

Visitors walk along the canopy bridge in Ghana's rainforest

Di Thom Brown 22 gennaio 2020

Getting Ready for Ghana: Volunteer Preparation Guide

As a welcoming country, Ghana is perfect for your first volunteer trip. Once you’ve signed up to one of our programmes, we’ll let you know what to prepare before you set off.  This travel preparation guide exists to answer any initial questions.

Three older volunteers enjoying themselves on their gap year in Thailand

Di Ashwin September 21 gennaio 2020

Take a Mid Career Gap Year and Explore the World

You’ve been around the block a couple of times, but have you been around the world on a gap year for grown-ups? Have you discovered what you’re truly capable of?

High school volunteer program abroad group photo in South Africa.

Di Zach Mason 17 gennaio 2020

Best Summer Internships Abroad for High School Students in 2020

We’ve crafted our high school summer travel programs with your professional and experiential growth in mind. Designed for 15-18 year olds, our travel abroad programs bring volunteers from around the world to learn and explore together.

Interns and staff in Kenya take a photo on a volunteer project abroad for students.

Di Nadia Moore 14 gennaio 2020

Resolution Ideas to Kick-Start your 2020!

Have you seen that GIF? The “sneaky George Clooney” GIF.

Traveller explores Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Di Zach Mason 13 gennaio 2020

Seven Ways Travel Changes Your Life

Ever reconnected with friends after they've come back from their extended travels or a trip overseas? They talk your ear off about their amazing experiences and without fail, they'll tell you how much the trip has changed them.

A sugar skull hand painted and on sale at a market in Mexico.

Di Nadia Moore 11 dicembre 2019

How to Immerse Yourself in Spanish

Let’s play a little game. For every English phrase you may use while travelling abroad, can you think of the Spanish equivalent?

An older Projects Abroad volunteer reads to a child in Africa.

Di Stephanie Klink 10 dicembre 2019

Our Best Volunteer Abroad Programmes for Adults over 50 in 2020

In 2020, millennials are not the only ones challenging themselves to explore the world and do something different. A rapidly growing number of people in their 50s and 60s (and older) are opting for adventure and seizing the opportunity to give back through their travels.

Students on a gap year internship work at an outreach in Sri Lanka.

Di Nadia Moore 27 novembre 2019

4 Medical Gap Year Internship Ideas

You can feel it deep within your bones - you need a break from your studies. In fact, you need a few months, or even an entire year off before your medical degree starts.

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