A group of volunteers abroad spend an afternoon learning about Masaai culture in Tanzania, Africa.


Articoli sul volontariato all’estero, viaggi e novità su Projects Abroad

Gap year volunteers take a selfie in the mountains of Vietnam.

Di Amelia McKinlay 20 novembre 2019

Five Steps To Planning Your Gap Year

Are you dreaming of taking a year out but are unsure how to plan a gap year? A gap year is the perfect time to take a break from your routine and dive into something completely different.

Medical interns take a group photo with their placement supervisors in Kenya.

Di Jen Southern 05 novembre 2019

Migliori stage internazionali in tutto il mondo per il 2020

Potresti aver appena iniziato l'università, ma di solito è questo il momento migliore per iniziare a cercare uno stage. La mole di studio è ancora gestibile, quindi hai più tempo per focalizzarti su tu stesso, e sulla tua carriera futura.

A close up picture of Kenyan bead work showing the Kenyan national flag in one of our bucket list destinations

Di Ashwin September 31 ottobre 2019

Top 10 Bucket List Destinations

You’ve made up your mind: “I’m travelling more next year!”. We all agree travelling is a great way to try new things while experiencing the wonder and beauty of the world.

Caleb Joseph drinking coffee in the UK Projects Abroad office.

Di Caleb Joseph and Jen Southern 29 ottobre 2019

People of Projects Abroad: Caleb Joseph - Community Manager

We have some extraordinary people working at Projects Abroad, many of which you may find yourself in contact with one day! Our Community Manager, Caleb Joseph, is someone you'll come to know and love during your journey with us.

Medical volunteers hand out larvicide to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the Philippines.

Di Jen Southern 14 ottobre 2019

Abuzz with mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases

As part of our Medicine & Healthcare Projects, we have been increasing our efforts in education, prevention and treatment of these diseases.

Conservation intern spots a giraffe during his wildlife survey in Kenya.

Di Amelia McKinlay 08 ottobre 2019

A Guide to Wildlife Conservation Internships Abroad

If exploring foreign landscapes and the animals that roam it sounds like a dream come true, then perhaps a career in wildlife conservation is for you. You’ll get to work outdoors and protect our wildlife while exploring places that most people only dream about.

Conservation volunteers measure the size of a sea turtle during their marine project in Thailand

Di Amelia McKinlay 10 settembre 2019

A Guide to Marine Conservation Internships Abroad

If you go to bed dreaming about scuba diving in crystal blue seas and learning about the marine life that lives beneath, then perhaps you should consider a career in marine conservation.

A group of Projects Abroad volunteers on one of our top rated volunteer abroad programmes.

Di Jen Southern & Vicci Parry 22 agosto 2019

I migliori programmi di volontariato nel mondo nel 2020

Un nuovo anno è arrivato! Ciò significa un nuovo inizio e un'opportunità in più per pianificare i tuoi obiettivi e i tuoi buoni propositi per il 2020.

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