A group of volunteers abroad spend an afternoon learning about Masaai culture in Tanzania, Africa.


Articoli sul volontariato all’estero, viaggi e novità su Projects Abroad

A volunteer measures the heartbeat of a young girl during her medical internship abroad for high school students.

Di Isabel Silva 27 febbraio 2019

All you need to know about our medical internships abroad for high school students

Choosing a future career can be difficult, especially if you’re still a teenager. All you’ve known is school and the subjects you’ve been able to learn.

Shuan watching over the kids as they practice their surfing skills on Muizenberg beach

Di Julie Brondeel 20 febbraio 2019

People of Projects Abroad: Shuan Solomons - Surfing Coordinator in South Africa

An organisation is only as extraordinary as its people, and those we have plenty of! We employ and train all our own volunteer staff support.

During her high school volunteer trip abroad, a Public Health volunteer measures blood pressure in a medical outreach.

Di Isabel Silva 13 febbraio 2019

You wouldn’t believe the impact our high school volunteers had last summer

Now that you know all about the journey you’ll take as a teenage volunteer abroad, are you ready to join us on a High School Special Project and discover what you’re capable of?

An intern checks a woman’s blood pressure during an undergraduate medical volunteering opportunity abroad.

Di Vicci Parry 06 febbraio 2019

Our Top 6 Pre-Med Projects for Students

Medical school applications - if these three simple words are enough to send you reeling, you’re probably a pre-med student.

Trained South African staff employed by Projects Abroad check on a safe volunteer abroad placement.

Di Jen Southern 23 gennaio 2019

10 Ways we keep you safe when travelling abroad with us

Are you travelling alone to a new country for the first time? Wondering if volunteering, interning or studying abroad is safe?

A high school special volunteer helps a child with a task in the classroom

Di Nadia Moore 10 gennaio 2019

Our Best Volunteer Abroad Programmes for Teenagers

This year, thousands of teenage volunteers will pack their bags, say goodbye to their folks, hop on a plane, and enter the world of volunteering abroad. Sounds easy enough, right?

A group of Projects Abroad volunteers assist with a beach clean-up initiative where no experience is needed to volunteer overseas.

Di Vicci Parry 23 ottobre 2018

Do I need experience to volunteer abroad?

Are you a jack of all trades, but a master of none? Are you passionate about a particular issue, but don’t have any qualifications in the field?

When you encounter an unfamiliar way of life while travelling abroad, you can experience a culture shock.

Di Hannah Atkins 28 novembre 2017

Coping With Culture Shock: Symptoms & Solutions

Ready for your first (volunteer) adventure abroad? We can only encourage you to get on the plane as soon as possible.

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