A group of volunteers abroad spend an afternoon learning about Masaai culture in Tanzania, Africa.


Articoli sul volontariato all’estero, viaggi e novità su Projects Abroad

Romana and Laurane ready to tell us about their family volunteering projects abroad.

Di Isabel Silva 14 agosto 2019

Family Volunteering: A grandmother-granddaughter experience

Here at Projects Abroad we love to share the stories of our volunteers, and when we hear about families volunteering, they always stand out. Volunteering with your family abroad has grown in popularity and we’re not surprised as to why.

A mother and her daughter take a group photo with the students they worked with in Fiji

Di Emma Molloy 25 luglio 2019

6 Ways to make your family volunteer holiday hassle-free

Fancy a different kind of adventure for your next family holiday? Kids learn from the example that their parents and the people around them set.

Childcare volunteer teaches a young boy different colours during school in Cambodia

Di Ashwin September 16 luglio 2019

The Benefits of Volunteering Abroad

Besides ticking a country off your travel list and getting to explore, what are the other benefits of volunteer work abroad? We’re glad you asked!

Our ultimate travel packing list for volunteering in Latin America.

Di Isabel Silva 03 luglio 2019

Preparing your volunteer packing list for Central and South America

This is the year you’ll travel Latin America while volunteering abroad. You have everything in order: your passport, flights and visa… everything, except your bags.

Belgian family at the top of the Andes Mountain range in Peru

Di Julie Brondeel 02 luglio 2019

Personal insight: Family volunteering abroad

Here at Projects Abroad, we get enquiries about family volunteering more and more often. The increasing popularity of volunteering with your family is easy to understand when you think of the kinds of experiences it opens up for parents and their children.

A Projects Abroad volunteer with her host family during her Nomad Project in Mongolia.

Di Jen Southern 19 giugno 2019

Living with a host family abroad? This is what you need to know!

As a volunteer or intern abroad, you want to make an impact. But we also want you to experience the full extent of living and working in another country.

Illustration of a Conservation volunteer on a survey dive

Di Amelia McKinlay 06 giugno 2019

Wanna save the ocean? These are our best Marine Conservation Projects for volunteers

The oceans cover more than 70% of the earth's surface area and are home to a number of astonishing plants and animals. They play an important role in maintaining the planet's surface temperature through climate regulation and are a key component of the water cycle.

While volunteering abroad you can enjoy the cultural exchange and learn a new language.

Di Isabel Silva 30 maggio 2019

Language Requirements as a Volunteer Abroad

You’ve finally made the decision to volunteer or intern abroad. As your finger is about to hit the “Apply Now” button, a thought dawns on you.

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